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FlameOut has extensive expertise in relation to the inspection and maintenance of Electricity Transmission Towers

•  Tower Inspections & Condition Surveys
•  Replacement of Cross-arm and Body Steelwork
•  Tower Erection and Dismantling
•  Installation of Anti Climbing Systems
•  Supply and Installation of Fall Arrest Systems
•  Step Bolt Replacement
•  Installation of Signage
•  Painting Inspections & Supervision
•  Replacement of Concrete Copings
•  Provision of Linesmen
•  Provision of Site Supervisors
•  Installation of Aircraft Warning Lights

Example Services

Structural Inspections & Condition Surveys – Worldwide

FlameOut has provided Structural Inspections and Condition Surveys for numerous Clients.

Onsite Visual & Photographic Structural Inspections of overhead line electricity towers can include recording the condition of some or all of the following elements dependent on the Client’s requirements:

  • Cross-arm and Body Steelwork
  • Anti Climbing Systems Step Bolts
  • Signage & Tower Furniture
  • Paint Finish
  • Concrete Copings
  • Aircraft Warning Lights and Obstruction Balls

Structural Design Appraisals can also be provided by FlameOut and can be used to establish if an existing tower meets current Design Codes (such as; Eurocodes, ASCE 7-05 (including earthquake), DIN, BS 8100 and Eurocode 3), or require strengthening. We have also worked with Clients who have their own specific requirements / specification for the design and assessment of their structures.

Project: Electricity Tower Body and Cross-arm Steelwork ‐ Condition Survey & Replacement

With age the steel members and panels that make-up an Overhead Electricity Line Electricity Pylon suffer corrosion, the rate and degree of corrosion is dependent on a number of factors such as; the prevailing weather conditions, regularity of maintenance (painting), and the position of a particular member.

These photographs show severe levels of corrosion, the extent of which was not identified until a full photographic climbing survey was undertaken by FlameOut.

Utilizing the gathered survey information and the original tower design drawings, FlameOut produced a design assessment, to establish utilization levels for rapidly re-assessing the design where elements were found to be significantly corroded. This enabled the identification of the steel members that required urgent replacement to ensure the structural integrity of the pylons in question for a further 10 years.

As a result significant steel bracing replacement works were commissioned by the Client and undertaken by FlameOut to over 250 towers to ensure their structural integrity and prolong their life.

The Client also required this work to be undertaken prior to the replacement (pulling) of new conductors which would have put additional stresses on these electricity pylons some of which were already weakened by corrosion and could have collapsed under the additional loads imposed.

Project: Installation & Supervision of Elevated Guyed Riser Flare Stacks – UK and Worldwide

FlameOut offers a comprehensive service which includes the replacement/installation of the following:

  • Anti Climbing Systems (Barbed Wiring)
  • Step Bolts
  • Tower Furniture
  • Information Signage
  • Fall Arrest Systems
  • Concrete Copings
  • Aircraft Warning Lights
  • Obstruction Balls
  • Body and Cross-arm Steelwork
  • Painting Supervision and Inspections

Projects have been undertaken for numerous Clients to hundreds of electricity towers across numerous overhead line routes, often including towers where the access has been restricted and challenging.

FlameOut operates teams of appropriately skilled and trained Linesmen and Riggers lead by experienced Supervisors. All of these works have been completed safely, to specification, and to programme.

Project: Electricity Tower Concrete Coping Replacement – Condition Survey & Replacement

The concrete copings encasing the steel legs of an electricity pylon form the important weather protection to the pylon steelwork between ground level and the pylon foundation. These copings deteriorate with age at a rate dependent on factors such as the prevailing weather conditions, ground conditions, and the regularity of maintenance (painting).

If these coping deteriorate or have not been constructed correctly in the first place they can allow water ingress and corrosion of the steel legs below ground thereby potentially affecting the pylon’s structural stability.

The extent of these concrete copings condition was not quantifiable across various overhead line routes until a full photographic survey and condition report was undertaken.

Utilizing the gathered survey information electricity towers with the concrete copings in the worst condition were identified. The Client commissioned the removal and reinstatement of concrete copings to over 200 towers. These works were undertaken by FlameOut to a specification that included a 15 year warranty.

All of the coping replacement works were completed to programme with a complete digital record being made of the original condition, works undertaken, and finished condition for each individual coping.

Whilst undertaking these works and replacing the existing concrete copings a number of tower installation and corrosion defects were identified, and these were also rectified by FlameOut.

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