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FlameOut’s approach in the market place is unique  –  through an established network of manufacturers FlameOut is able to source competitive Guy/Stay Wire Assemblies and Specialist Rigging Products for its Customers.

Guy Wires, Guy Wire Fittings, and Rigging Products supplied by FlameOut are always manufactured to the required Standards and provided with the appropriate Certifications and Warranties to meet the specification. FlameOut’s products include:

Guy/Stay Wire Ropes:

  • – Spiral Strand Steel Wire Ropes
  • – Full and Half Locked Coil Steel Wire Ropes
  • – Parafil Synthetic Ropes
  • – Alumoweld Ropes
  • – Stainless Steel Wire Ropes
  • – One-Off Special Construction Ropes
  • – Steel Wire Rope Nets
  • – IWRC Stranded General Purpose Engineering Ropes: 6×19, 6×26, 6×31, 6×36, 6×41, 6×49, 7×19, 7×7, Etc., (Fibre or Steel Core)

Guy Wire Fittings & Rigging Products (including Low Temperature):

  • – Tension Adjusters: Bridge/Block Sockets, Twin Rod Adjusters, Turnbuckles, Rigging Screws, Link Plates, Chains
  • – End Terminations: Spelter Sockets, Swaged Sockets, Bridge Sockets, BGWRDEs, Wire Rope Grips, Carpenters Stoppers
  • – Fittings: Shackles, Thimbles, Turnbuckles, Rigging Screws
  • – Load Monitoring Equipment: Shackle Load Cells, Load Links, PIABs, Datalogging Instruments
  • – Hydraulic Tensioning Equipment: Pull Cylinders, Jacks & Rams
  • – Temporary Rigging: Pull-Lifts, Wire Rope Pullers, Tirfors, Chain Blocks, Temporary Rope Clamps, and Shackles

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