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FlameOut has extensive expertise in relation to the inspection, maintenance, and installation of Broadcast and Communication Masts

• Design and supply of Stay Wires & Fittings
• Stay Wire Condition Inspections & Reports
• Replacement of Stay Wires & Fittings
• Retensioning of Stay Wires & Verticality Checks
• Stay Wire Greasing
• Visual Condition and Structural Inspections
• Steelwork Bracing / Strengthening
• Erection of Broadcast Masts
• Provision of Steeplejacks and Rope Access Technicians
• Overall Project Supervision
• Design and supply of Winches, Blocks, Davits, Lifting Beams, Ropes, and Chains

Example Services

Project: Site Erection of a 366m High Communication Mast including Stay Wire Supply

366m high communication mast for the MoD, being one of the largest masts ever built in Europe with the antenna covering a footprint of over 1.5km in diameter.

FlameOut was initially engaged by the consulting engineer, and the main contractor to help develop the rigging design and were subsequently engaged to supply and install the stay wires, stay fittings, and erect the complete mast structure.

FlameOut was involved in site supervision and provision of the specialist erection crew to erect the mast and stay wires. This included the selection and provision of all major plant and temporary rigging to safely and successfully complete the installation.

The erection of the mast was programmed to last 6 months and was completed on time by FlameOut through suitable sequencing and resourcing to maximise the spring to autumn weather window. All works were planned, managed, and controlled in accordance with detailed risk assessments and method statements and to stringent safety and quality procedures. The project was completed safely, to programme, and budget.

Project: Supply of Stay Wires & Stay Fittings for 3 LF Communication Masts

FlameOut was successful following a competitive tender to supply the guy wires and guy fittings package to 3 communication masts. FlameOut’s equipment supply included the following:

  • – Main Spiral Strand Guy Wires (up to 43mm Diam.)
  • – Tail Spiral Strand Guy Wires
  • – Spelter Socket Terminations
  • – Alumoweld Radials
  • – All Guy Wire Fittings & Terminations
  • – Tension Load Measurement – Load Cells
  • – Hydraulic Tensioning Equipment
  • – Counter Balance Snatch Blocks and Sheaves

All the Spiral Strand guy wires were supplied cyclically pre-stretched to 55% of their respective MBL. All the guy fittings including the Spelter Socket terminations were individually proof loaded tested to 40% of their specified MBL.

All of the equipment was supplied and certified to specification and to meet the installation programme by FlameOut.

Project: Supply of Stay Wires & Stay Fittings for various Broadcast Masts

FlameOut has extensive experience in the supply and design of Stay Wires & Stay Fittings in relation to Broadcast Masts in the UK and overseas.

FlameOut approach in the market place is unique – through an established network of manufacturers and purchasing arrangements FlameOut is able to consistently source the most competitive Stay Wires and Stay Fittings for its Customers. Additionally, FlameOut takes an active role in working with their Customers to ensure that the Stay Wires and Stay Fittings designed and supplied are compatible and fit for the Client’s intended purpose. Such activities can include checking finished Stay Lengths, ensuring all Stay Termination/Stay Fitting interfaces physically fit, and assessing Stay Wire and Stay Fitting Breaking and Working Loads.

Stay Wires and Stay Fittings supplied by FlameOut are always manufactured to the required Standards and provided with the associated Certifications and Warranties to meet our Clients’ project specifications.

UK Broadcast Mast Stay Wires & Stay Fittings supplied by FlameOut (RigOut) include but are not limited to: Skelton, Dover, Ridge Hill, Tacolneston, Winter Hill, Wenvoe, Whitby, Crimond, Tonabrocky, Huntshaw Cross, Peterborough, Hambledon Hill, and Sligo.

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